Tables and ChairsAn Anthology of Verse

Georgina Laros is the author of ‘Tables & Chairs’ – An Anthology of Inspirational Verse, a poetry book through which she illustrates how our dreams don’t necessarily manifest the way we imagined, but rather just as God planned them.

Prologue from ‘Tables & Chairs’ ~  An Anthology of Verse:

‘Little did I know that the words ‘Tables & Chairs’ would be so significant when I first thought of them in my teens, and again when they came to me as a title for a book a few years ago. Not knowing what I would write at the time, I committed the words to paper and put them in a folder.

It was in February 2009 that the dream of writing a book started to manifest, and not in the way that I had imagined. Although I had written ‘Mother or Angel’ in  2004, ‘My Awakening’ in 2005 and ‘Listen to your Heart’ and ‘Thirteen’ in 2007, nothing could have prepared me for the frequency with which the words arrived for the poems that would follow in 2009.

That year was fraught with challenges, and from one day to the next, I wasn’t sure how I would overcome them. It was in surrendering to what is that allowed me to find my essence, and in so doing, allowed the poems to come through me. At times it would be the entire poem, as was the case with ‘Happiness’ and ‘Get your Head out of the Clouds’. Sometimes I would be inspired by what someone had said, and ‘Elegant Soul’ and ‘Love your Tears’ are testament to this. ‘He is like You and Me’ and ‘Forgive & Forget’, amongst others, were inspired by my own personal experiences.

Other than writing two or three poems since ‘A Momentous Occasion’ in April 2010, which ironically is poem number 50, and is a tribute to my Mum and Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary, I have only written a few others on request.

I believe that my passion to inspire, encourage and support others in living their dreams, and my own dream of writing a book, is intertwined. In writing the poetry I have learned much about myself and life, things I inherently knew, but which through the writing of these poems has become clearer to me. It was when the words to the poem ‘Tables & Chairs’ came that I realised that there was something more to all of this than just writing a few poems. I believe that the challenges that my family and I experienced were necessary to the writing of the poems and trust others will be inspired through the reading of them.

We never know when or how our dreams will manifest, and sometimes in the waiting, we give up or give in.  It takes strength and courage to walk our own path, beat our own drum, be our authentic selves and I hope ‘Tables & Chairs’, which comes from my heart to yours, will inspire you to do just that.

With love, Georgie’


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