Georgie’s passion for life coaching and helping others is beyond compare

Georgina Laros Life CoachingGeorgina Laros, born in Kirkcaldy, Scotland and raised in South Africa, is a mother to three teenage boys. Operating out of Farrarmere, Benoni, she is a Personal Development Coach and ‘soft’ skills trainer and has developed and facilitated corporate development workshops such as Develop your Confidence and Living your Dreams. Dedicated to life-long learning, Georgie founded Achievers Network.

Georgie’s interests include personal development, reading, writing, dancing and cooking and one of her big dreams is to take her three sons to London for Christmas, part of a bigger dream to experience many different countries. She subscribes to the quote ‘Happiness is always an inside job’ and lives her life accordingly.

‘Since my teens, I always wondered what we were doing here, and this led me to reading extensively in search of the answers. Over time, and through a process of self-discovery, I now believe that we all have a purpose while on earth – to live our dream life, to live our best life – whether that is to be the best mother or father we can be, achieve success in the corporate world, be a world renowned author, athlete or clergyman – it’s a calling – something we feel in our hearts. Sometimes we hear the ‘calling’ early in our lives and sometimes it comes much later.


In my case, my talent for inspiring and motivating others only became known to me whilst pursuing a career in training. This led me to developing and facilitating many successful inspirational workshops. My dream is to create a Network of Achievers through my workshops and also through personal development coaching. This is a dream in progress and one I hope you will be a part of.

Listening to your heart and following your dreams is never an easy journey, nor is it meant to be…. I am testimony to this as I am sure are many others. It is, however, a journey worth every tear, worth every tumble, worth every moment of doubt and uncertainty. I truly believe that we are all special and are meant to live a life of significance. I am sure you believe this too. My passion is to inspire, encourage, guide and support you in not only achieving success and balance in all areas of your life, but in finding your purpose and living the life you dream of.

Clients have said to me: ‘I am blessed to have you in my life’, and this is wonderful to hear. I feel blessed to have them in my life, for in me helping them to discover their purpose and live their dreams; they are helping me live mine.

I look forward to the possibility of sharing your journey with you.

Warm wishes,



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